Rabboni started In 2015 with a slogan "Designing Excellence", emphasizing our belief on maintaining a sustainable environment. The threat of climate change, expected shortage of fossil fuels and increased pollution levels are beginning to affect the growth of all economies around the globe. More and more frequently, we are demanding access to clean and free energy.
Renewable energy is gradually becoming a basic necessity in our daily lives, especially solar energy. We found our business on a simple philosophy, that producing clean electricity directly from the sun is the right thing to do for our environment and economy.

We aim to open new solar markets, and develop pioneering solar power products that are consistent with both our philosophy and our vision of solar panels on every sunny rooftop. RED aims technology development with providing high quality solar products and services ranging from PV modules, Batteries, Charge Controller, Inverter, Energy Efficient LED Lights, Solar Portable Generator, Solar Water Heater, Solar Street Lights and all solution for Solar Off Grid and Grid Tie System.